On September the 4th, the AW-Drones consortium took part in the 10th EASN International Conference on Innovation in Aviation and Space to the Satisfaction of the European Citizens.

In a dedicated session, our Project Coordinator Damiano Taurino and other speakers provided updates about the AW-Drones outcomes so far. In particular, the session focused on insights about the standards identified to support the application of the SORA Methodology and to foster the implementation of U-Space, and the AW-Drones Open Repository, a powerful tool displaying, in an easily accessible fashion, the technical standards already published or under development for the commercial use of drones worldwide. The presentations given by the consortium can be dowloaded at the following links:

  1. AW-Drones project overview | Damiano Taurino (Deep Blue).
  2. Performance-based regulation: the role of industrial standards and the AW-Drones meta-standard | Marco Ducci and Filippo Tomasello (EuroUSC-Italia).
  3. Collecting and structuring drone-related global standards | Sebastian Cain (DLR) and Joost Vreeken (NLR).
  4. Assessing drone standards against regulatory requirements | Matteo Natale (EuroUSC-Italia).
  5. The AW-Drones Open Repository | Ilias Trochidis (Ortelio).
  6. U-Space regulatory framework and the related standards | Hans Schrawuen (Unifly).

With 48 EU-funded projects represented, and more than 350 remote participants, the EASN Conference has been a very good opportunity to present our results and to have fruitful collaboration with other researchers working on similar topics. We thank the organiser very much and look forward to be part of the 11th EASN conference in Salerno, Italy. Save the date for the next edition: 1-4th of September 2021!

Save the date for the 2nd AW-Drones workshop!

We also take this occasion to announce that we will hold our 2nd project workshop, free of charge, on the 5th of November 2020. Overall, the workshop will reprise the structure of our session at the EASN conference, with a stronger focus on U-space. In addition, extensive collaborative sessions will allow us to collect participants’ feedback on what we present. Further information about the structure of the workshop, as well as details on how to register, will follow in Autumn.