AW-Drones supports the ongoing EU drone regulatory process, contributing to harmonise EU drone regulation and standards. In order to do so, the project will collect technical rules, procedures and standards already developed for the commercial use of drones worldwide. Then, it will perform a critical assessment of all collected data to identify a thorough set of best practices, gaps and bottlenecks, as complete as possible, for the safe use of civilian drones in the EU.

As a result, AW-Drones will deliver an Open Repository containing structured information about technical rules, procedures and standards for drones worldwide. The Repository will contain information on standards maturity level, coverage of regulation and identified gaps.

AW-Drones will share the knowledge produced with the European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA), the National CAAs, and standardization bodies (e.g. EUROCAE, JARUS, ISO…) to contribute to their awareness of the current global drones’ rulemaking and standardization state-of-the-art and “best practices”.

The repository

When the information collected is sufficient, the Open Repository will be released and users will be able to consult it. The system will enable advanced researches by category of operations, technical domain and applicable standards.