Later this month, EUROCONTROL, the SESAR Joint Undertaking and the US Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) are jointly organising a four-day technical interchange meeting (TIM) on the topic of unmanned aerial systems (UAS) and urban air mobility (UAM).
This event is part of EUROCONTROL’s research coordination and cooperation activity, fostering joint initiatives to maximise resource efficiency. Specifically, it is part of the US-Europe Collaboration Plan, organising TIMs on topics of interest for the aviation research community on both sides of the Atlantic. The first TIM took place at the EEC in Brétigny in September 2018; it was dedicated to ‘Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence’. A subsequent one on ‘Modelling and Simulation’ took place at the FAA William J. Hughes Technical Center in Atlantic City in October 2019.

The goal of the next meeting is to exchange know-how and research results, and also encourage harmonisation of aviation research in the area of UAS and UAM. It will be a virtual webinar event spanning four days, held between 16:00-19:00 CET in order to accommodate the needs of attendees from different time zones.
Each of the four days will explore one of four following topics:

  • 9 November: UAS, UTM and UAM Programmes in the US and Europe
  • 10 November: Session ‘Integrated CNS for UAS Operations’
  • 12 November: UTM Safety Data and Safety Reporting
  • 13 November: ATMUTM Integration

The sessions will include a series of short presentations from US and European speakers, as well as a Q&A session. Participants will attend sessions in virtual break-out rooms to brainstorm on topics for US-European research collaboration.

Participation to the technical interchange meeting is free of charge. However, you need to register in order to take part in the event. Visit the event page at EUROCONTROL to complete your registration and read more information on this TIM.