Update (05 Nov 2021): the AW-Drones survey on the operator’s perception of U-space has ended. Hence, you can now browse and download its conclusions.


‘‘U-SPACE INSIGHT’’, an international survey on U-space, is now online. The AW-Drones Project is promoting the survey, which it has put together with the assistance of 23 experts with complementary expertise from Belgium, France, Germany, the Netherlands, and Spain.

The survey targets the whole UAS community, such as operators (current and future) and manufacturers (UAS, U-space, UTM & ATM systems & software, aeronautical information service suppliers). We welcome the contribution of other aeronautical stakeholders as well (for example associations, federations, regulatory authorities, air navigation service providers, tech clusters, regulatory advisers and consultants, research organisations and academia).

The objective of this survey is to obtain their feedback, permitting to:

  • Evaluate the comprehension of U-space and its proscribed services in the Single European Sky (SES) Member State area.
  • Assess the knowledge level and expectations of the UAS community.
  • Obtain an opinion on the technical standards required to support implementation of U-space.
  • Identify possible bottlenecks and gaps.
  • Scope the possible pre-occupations of the UAS community concerning U-Space and its implementation.
  • Check on the U-space implementation status.

We intend to make the survey accessible to the widest possible audience. Therefore, the U-SPACE INSIGHT explanatory documents are available in 4 languages: English, French, German, and Spanish.
The submission deadline is 31 May 2021 has been extended to 7 June 2021. After that, we will make the survey conclusion publically available and we will nominally acknowledge all respondents.

Participate in the survey and make your voice heard now!