Since 2019, the H2020 project AW-Drones has been contributing to the harmonisation of the European Union drone regulations and standards. The project supports the EU rulemaking process for the definition of rules, technical standards, and procedures for civilian drones to enable safe and reliable operations in the EU Open and Specific categories. In order to support this regulatory process, the project drafts a repository of “best practices” and then shares it with key stakeholders for their evaluation.

The third EASA AW-Drones workshop

On the 16-19th of February, the AW-Drones Consortium and selected Advisory Board members will come together in an online workshop, targeting the European Union Aviation Safety Agency.

This is the third AW-Drones workshop directly involving EASA experts. Previous occurrences happened in Cologne in 2019 and 2020. Overall, the workshop will show and discuss the results of the second year of the project. In particular, it will examine the second iteration of the assessment of standards for SORA, and the first iteration of the assessment of standards for U-Space.

The project will hold parallel sessions, where the experts will discuss and refine the assessment of standards for SORA and U-Space requirements. The final outcomes of the workshop will be integrated in the AW-Drones results, and uploaded on the Drone Standards Information Portal.

Photo by Josh Sorenson on Unsplash.