Recently, the AW-Drones project attended the HiPEAC 2021 conference organised by the European Network on High-performance Embedded Architecture and Compilation (HiPEAC).

Damiano Taurino, drone safety and regulation expert at Deep Blue and coordinator of AW-Drones, represented the project. In the presentation he delivered, Taurino stressed the importance of a coherent and comprehensive regulatory and standardization framework for drones, at European and global level. He also highlighted our contribution in addressing this challenge by identifying technical standards. Finally, he presented our web tool for the drone community: the Drone Standards Information Portal.

In the past three years, AW-Drones assessed more than 600 standards against requirements from SORA, U-space and SC-Light UAS. The AW-Drones Standards Information Portal, a “metastandard”, will make available the results of all this work. In the end, the Portal will contribute to support all the actors in the growing drone industry; in particular, it will effectively aid UAS operators by identifying all the standards applicable to every requirement.

Thanks to the HiPEAC team for offering us this opportunity!